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Writers FAQ - Original Treatment

How many pages should the treatment be?

Five pages. Treatments exceeding five pages will be disqualified.

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Does my treatment have to be in any particular format?

Submitted treatments must adhere to the following formatting guidelines:

(1) Title (2) WGA Registration Number (3) Logline (4) Brief key character descriptions (5) Three-act structure (6) Must not exceed five pages (7) 1.5-inch line spacing (8) 1-inch margins all around (9) nothing smaller than an 11 font-size.  Any treatments that do not include such elements or that deviate from the above format will be disqualified.

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Should the writer's name be on the treatment?

No.  All reads are blind and only the title and the WGA registration number should be on the title page. 

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How do I submit the original treatment?

The original treatment should be uploaded as a PDF onto page 6. of the Writers Program Application with the filename titled as follows: Treatment - First Name Last Name.

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May I submit more than one treatment to apply to the Program?

No.  We will accept only ONE original treatment per applicant. 

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