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Writers FAQ - Release Form

Do I have to submit a release form for my original script and treatment? 


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Where can I find the Legal Release Agreement form? 

The Legal Release Agreement form is located under the “Submission Requirements” section of the Writers Program Application webpage. Alternatively, the Release form can be downloaded here. 

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How do I submit the release form?

The completed and signed agreement should be scanned and uploaded as a PDF onto page 1. of the Writers Program Application with the filename titled as follows: Release - First Name Last Name.

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Are digital signatures acceptable?

No.  The release form must be hand-signed.  Applicants who fail to upload a completed and hand-signed agreement will be disqualified.

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Why am I having trouble submitting my Legal Release Agreement? 

File size can impact the uploading process. Please check that the PDF file is no larger than 2 MB otherwise the file may need to be compressed.

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