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Writers FAQ - Original Screenplay

What is the appropriate page-length for a feature script? 

90 to 120 pages in length.  Scripts less than 90 pages or exceeding 120 pages will be disqualified.

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Is the title page included in the page count?


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What is the format for scripts?

Scripts must be presented in the standard, industry-accepted format. Formatting guidelines can be found in various publications and online resources. 

Submitted screenplays must:

(1) Follow a three-act structure; (2) be between 90-120 pages in length; and (3) have a clear beginning, middle and end.  Any scripts less than 90 pages or exceeding 120 pages will be disqualified.  Scripts must be registered with the WGA prior to submission, and the applicant must be the sole writer and owner of all original material submitted. We are not able to accept screenplays written by multiple writers.

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Should the writer's name be on the script title page?

No.  All reads are blind and only the title and the WGA registration number should be on the title page.

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How do I submit the original screenplay?

The original screenplay should be uploaded as a PDF onto page 6. of the Writers Program Application with the filename titled as follows: Screenplay - First Name Last Name.

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Can UFEG provide me with sample scripts to review?

No.  For legal reasons, we are unable to accommodate this request.

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Are TV pilot scripts acceptable submissions for the Program?

No.  Only original feature-length screenplays will be accepted.

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May I submit more than one script to apply for the Program? 

No.  We will accept only ONE original screenplay per applicant.

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