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Writers FAQ - Original Screenplay

What is the appropriate page-length for a feature script? 

90 to 120 pages in length.  Scripts less than 90 pages or exceeding 120 pages will be disqualified.

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Is the title page included in the page count?


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What is the format for scripts?

Scripts must be presented in the standard, industry-accepted format. Formatting guidelines can be found in various publications and online resources.

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Should the writer's name be on the script title page?

No.  All reads are blind and only the title and the WGA registration number should be on the title page.

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Can UFEG provide me with sample scripts to review?

No.  For legal reasons, we are unable to accommodate this request.

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Are TV pilot scripts acceptable submissions for the Program?

No.  Only original feature-length screenplays will be accepted.

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May I submit more than one script to apply for the Program? 

No.  We will accept only ONE original screenplay per applicant.

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