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Composers FAQ - Initiative Participation

What is the Initiative's time commitment?

If selected to participate in the Initiative, it will require substantial time commitments on a "first priority" basis.  Participants will work on an independent basis, but be required to attend meetings (both telephonic and in person) as well as participate in spotting, scoring, mixing and/or editing sessions as requested through completion of all deliverables.  The duration of the Initiative will be dictated by the particular needs of the participating production entity and the project to which the candidate is assigned.

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May composers hold other forms of employment in concurrence to the Initiative?

Candidates participating in the Initiative can hold other forms of employment, however they are expected to be available on a first-priority basis for the Initiative.

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Where is the Initiative located?

Much of the work will be performed independently at a candidate's location, however candidates will be required to attend interviews, meetings and other events at Universal Studios in Universal City, CA and surrounding area.

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If I am selected to participate in any interviews will I be reimbursed for my travel expenses?


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If I am selected to participate in the Initiative but do not live in Los Angeles, can I participate remotely?  Will my relocation costs be reimbursed?

Composers must be available to attend in-person meetings at Universal Studios in Universal City, California and surrounding area for the duration of the Initiative.  Relocation and travel costs will not be reimbursed.

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