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Composers FAQ - Material

What is the acceptable format for material?

We recommend applicants research the acceptable file formats supported by Dropbox, Soundcloud, or Wiredrive to upload material. Please check the music links to ensure material will open, stream, and download before submitting application.

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What is the allowed minimum and maximum running time of material I submit?

Running time must be a minimum of two (2) minutes and must not exceed 15 minutes for all materials submitted. Any material that does not meet this specification will be disqualified.

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Can the material feature more than one piece of music?

Material can feature multiple pieces from multiple projects as long as it is within the minimum and maximum running time requirement. We suggest applicants submit samples as separate files as opposed to one long audio/visual reel consisting of several pieces of music.

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Can I submit material I co-write?

No. The applicant must be the sole author of any original material submitted with your application.

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Who owns the rights to the material that I submit with my application?

Applicants retain ownership of all original material submitted.

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Can I submit material that has already been theatrically released and/or commercially distributed?


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May I submit material that I previously submitted during the last application period?

Yes.  However, new material will better reflect a composer’s progress.

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