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Composer FAQ - Letters of Recommendation

Are letters of recommendation mandatory?

No.  Letters of recommendation from entertainment industry professionals are strongly encouraged, but not required.

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Is there a preferred format for letters of recommendation? 

Letters of recommendation must be on business or personal letterhead and dated in the current calendar year. It is recommended that those signing recommendation letters include either a title and/or a brief introduction indicating their position in the entertainment industry.

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How many letters of recommendation can I submit?

A maximum of two (2) letters of recommendation may accompany each submission.

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How should I submit recommendation letters?

Recommendation letters should be submitted online with the application.  Please scan and upload the letter(s) as a PDF onto the application submission site.  Mailed letters or emails will not be accepted.

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How is "industry professional" defined?

Industry professionals are persons who currently or previously worked in entertainment media (e.g., music, film, television, digital and streaming services, etc.) and educators, professors or instructors who have entertainment industry experience and/or produced credits. 

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May I submit letters of recommendation from my agents or representatives?

No.  Letters from representatives (e.g., agents, managers, or attorneys, etc.) will not be accepted.

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To whom should letters of recommendation be addressed?

Letters of recommendation may be addressed to "Universal Film Music Composer Initiative" or "To Whom It May Concern."

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