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Application window opens Fall 2021!

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DreamWorks Theatricals FAQ - General

What is the DreamWorks Theatricals Emerging Writers Program?

The DreamWorks Theatricals/MTI Theatricals Emerging Writers Program is designed to discover up-and-coming musical theatre writers with diverse perspectives and a multi-cultural points of view and provide them the opportunity to adapt DreamWorks Animation titles into live stage musicals, with the potential (but not guarantee) of a professional production and/or acquisition into the Music Theatre International catalogue for licensing.

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Will writers be compensated?

Yes. If selected, writers will be required to sign a non-negotiable Author Agreement with competitive terms, which will be available to view prior to the opening of the application window.

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What is the Program’s time commitment?

Writers selected to participate in the Program are required to meet delivery deadlines as outlined in their author agreements, with their completed musical being delivered one year from the commencement of the program.

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May writers hold other forms of employment or be enrolled in school in concurrence to the Program?

Yes. As long as writers are meeting their deadlines, they are free to maintain alternate employment and educational commitments.

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What are the application requirements?

Applicants are required to submit the following:
a) DreamWorks Theatricals/MTI Emerging Writers Program application
b) Writing sample/song demos as outlined in the application
c) Signed release form for submitted material
d) Current résumé
e) Personal essay
f) Letter(s) of recommendation are not required but are recommended. Please review the FAQ section on letter(s) of recommendation for more information.

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Can I email, hand deliver or mail my application and material?

No. Only online applications submitted through the Program website will be accepted. Applicants who are unable to upload their application online may contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for further information.

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Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee.

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When will the Program begin and end?

This is a one year program that is expected to begin in Spring of 2022.

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How many writers are selected each year?

Two complete writing teams will be selected; however, the number of writers on each team may vary depending on the participants’ writing disciplines.

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How many writers can apply as a team?

The maximum number of applicants on a complete writing team is three (3).

Individuals or pairs of composer/lyricists and individual book writers are also welcome to apply. Finalists who do not apply as part of a full writing team will be evaluated for compatibility and matched with collaborators during the final interview process.

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If selected for the Program, what material will I be working on?

All Finalists will be given a short list of DreamWorks Animation titles and will be required to submit a brief pitch based on any title from the list. Assignments for the two selected teams will be made solely by the program administrators based on application materials and final pitches. Writers are not guaranteed to be assigned the title that they pitched.

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If selected for the Program, will I be guaranteed that my material will be developed and/or produced?

No. Musicals will be developed with the goal of a regional premiere production and/or entering into the MTI licensing catalogue; however, neither is guaranteed.

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Where is the Program located?

The majority of work will be done virtually; however, travel may be required for developmental purposes. All required travel will be arranged by DreamWorks Theatricals in accordance with the Travel & Expense provisions outlined in the Author Agreement. Applicants must reside in the United States to participate in the Program.

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Is there an International version of the Program?


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How do I know my submission has been received?

An on-screen message will appear verifying confirmation. If the message does not appear, the application has not been received and must be resubmitted.

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Will you personally contact me about the status of my application?

No. Please check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for periodic updates on the selection process.

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