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Launched in 2017, Global Talent Development & Inclusion (GTDI) leads the Studio's inclusion and diversity efforts.  Under the leadership of Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley, GTDI works closely with Universal Filmed Entertainment Group's Production and Human Resources teams to identify and develop a pool of creative and workforce talent that builds upon the Studio's commitment to telling stories and creating art with multi-cultural, global perspectives. We are a resource for all divisions within the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group including Universal Pictures, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation and Awesomeness TV.

"Universal's legacy as a studio is committed to telling stories and creating art that reflect the vast diversity of our audiences."

– Donna Langley, Chairman, Universal Pictures

Universal GTDI Empowering Unique Voices
Empowering Unique Voices

Whether your sights are set on a career in writing, directing, production, acting or a position within the workforce, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group inclusively targets talent with distinct perspectives and varying backgrounds.

“This (Get Out) was an exercise in...making a movie that is meant to be inclusive...In any good story, whoever you are, you should be able to relate to the protagonist.” 

Jordan Peele, Writer/Director, Get Out

Universal GTDI Championing Global Stories
Championing Global Stories

Stories that attract a broad multi-cultural audience are an essential part of the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group slate.  Compelling stories with diversity and inclusion have delivered such box-office successes as Universal’s Straight Outta Compton and the Fast & the Furious franchise as well as Focus Features’ Brokeback Mountain.

“Yeah, it’s (The Fate of the Furious) an action movie, but it means a lot more than that to our fans. And they’re from all over the world. It boils down to a lack of representation in Hollywood. And that’s what keeps us going.”

– Michelle Rodriguez, Actor, The Fate of the Furious

Creating Opportunities

Inclusion at all levels within our business is a top priority.  Through our programs and partnership initiatives, Global Talent Development & Inclusion develops established and up-and-coming creative and workforce talent with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity. As a studio we are proud of many of our accomplishments in this area including the hiring of several female and diverse directors such as Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect 2), F. Gary Gray (Fate of the Furious), M. Night Shyamalan (SplitGlass) and Sofia Coppola (The Beguiled).

“One of the reasons I am here today, as a director and producer, is because I want to tell stories. I definitely felt like I was underused and that I had more to offer in the industry.”

– Elizabeth Banks, Director/Producer, Pitch Perfect 2

Meet the Team

Janine Jones-Clark

Senior Vice President

Janine Jones-Clark is Senior Vice President, Global Talent Development & Inclusion for the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG), reporting to Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley. In this role, she is responsible for continuing the advancement of the studio’s efforts in attracting and developing a diverse talent pool.

As part of the senior leadership team, Jones-Clark implements strategies for the Studio’s inclusion and diversity efforts for Universal Pictures, Focus Features, DreamWorks Animation and Awesomeness TV, working closely with both creative production and human resources teams.  Additionally, Jones-Clark is responsible for developing and overseeing creative diversity initiatives and partnerships including the Universal Writers Program, the Sundance Institute FilmTwo Initiative and the AFI Directing Workshop for Women. Workforce strategies include partnerships with NBCUniversal’s Employee Resource Groups, Executive Search team, Page and Campus 2 Career pipeline programs.

Before joining Universal in 2017, Jones-Clark was part of Disney | ABC’s Creative Talent Development & Inclusion team, where she led both the writing and directing programs.  Her varied television background includes careers in current programming, scripted and unscripted development, production and publicity. She spent several years at The WB Television Network where she served as Vice President of Primetime Publicity before segueing to Vice President of Current Programming.

A native of Los Angeles, Jones-Clark graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications-Journalism and a minor in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Emerlynn Lampitoc


As Universal Pictures’ Director, Global Talent Development & Inclusion, Emerlynn Lampitoc leads the team’s creative programs and initiatives to inclusively identify and develop female and diverse talent.  Lampitoc is responsible for such internal programs as the Universal Writers Program as well as partnerships on initiatives such as the Sundance Institute FilmTwo Initiative and the AFI Directing Workshop for Women. Her additional responsibilities include overseeing the department’s social media as well as internal and external outreach efforts.

Prior to joining Universal Pictures, Lampitoc was Manager of Creative Talent Development & Inclusion for the Disney|ABC Television Group where she was instrumental in staffing writers and writer’s assistants on network and cable television series.  Lampitoc also was an integral part of the Disney|ABC Directing Program redesign which contributed to an increase in female and diverse episodic directors securing directing assignments.  Prior to joining Disney|ABC, Lampitoc’s varied background included developing and producing unscripted television series, as well as positions in drama development at 20th Century Fox Television and Paramount Network Television. Before segueing into production and development, she spent time working in network publicity for both NBC and ABC.

Raised in Honolulu, HI, Lampitoc received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and a minor in Creative Writing from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA.

Gesumino Rulli


A proud Hoosier and native of South Bend, IN, Gesumino Rulli joins the Global Talent Development & Inclusion team as Manager.  Most recently he served as Creative Executive for filmmaker Nick Weiss’ Dormfire Productions’ ABC Studios overall deal.  His responsibilities at Dormfire included overseeing the company’s digital slate, as well as working on the development of both feature film and television comedies.

Rulli launched his career as a talent management assistant at Untitled Entertainment.  Among his responsibilities were working closely with clients such as actor Jeremy Renner’s production company, and director Gabrielle Muccino (The Pursuit of Happyness, 7 Pounds).  He later transitioned into development at Mandeville Films where he assisted the Senior Vice President of Film.  Among the projects Rulli was involved in is the upcoming Universal Pictures release Extinction. 

Rulli received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University Bloomington where he majored in Film & Television Direction, and achieved a double minor in Communications & Culture and Music.

Maddie Dunkelberg


Maddie Dunkelberg joined NBCUniversal (NBCU) as a participant in the prestigious Page Program in 2015.  After completing the program she secured her position as Coordinator, Global Talent Development & Inclusion.  In addition to managing the Senior Vice President’s office, Dunkelberg is responsible for the department’s partnerships with NBCU workforce talent pipeline programs, including the Page Program and Campus 2 Career Internship Program.  Additionally, she is the lead content creator for the team’s social media.

While in the NBCU West Coast Page Program, Dunkelberg’s rotations included positions in NBC Entertainment Events, Universal Television Publicity, Universal Cable Productions Development, and Programming Talent Development & Inclusion for NBC Entertainment and Universal Television Studios.

A native of Bend, OR, Dunkelberg graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and Cinema Studies with a minor in Theatre from the University of Oregon’s Robert D. Clark Honors College. During her time there, she studied abroad in Queretaro, Mexico.  The experience is a major factor in Dunkelberg’s fluency in the Spanish language.

When Dunkelberg isn’t working on her comedy writing, she finds time to perform and can often be found with her improv teams at the Upright Citizens Brigade.